Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's been great writing here all these years...
But I have decided to change things a little bit. Please visit me at

See you there! 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

What do you think of this year's Met gala?

My Best Dressed

And the Worst...
Didn't disappoint...
Oh well...
I think she already got "pregnancy brains", for sure after she gives birth she will regret having this look. 
Yawn... Yawn.. Yawn... 
Sorry B, Never a Fan...

To Abu Dhabi

Well, we've finally managed to get Sasha's passport from the Ukrainian Embassy this week. Yey!!!
After the hassle of going back and forth to the Consulate in Dubai then finally going to the Embassy, At long last... we are free to plan the vacation. And yes, still of course I need to apply for my Visa.

I lived in AUH for about a year in 2009 when I moved to UAE from Doha after I finished my work contract, but never really got the chance to explore the city, even this next-door-neighbor majestic mosque. We were residing in a nice studio apartment right across the Shangri-la. I always just see it waving at me coming to and fro my workplace.

Until, I finally asked the hubby if we can drop by and see it since it's on the way after getting Sasha's passport.

And what a nice way to spend some time to relax a bit and letting the little one have a feast on the eyeswith  this beautiful surrounding.

Poor little guy, he woke up at 5am and didn' t sleep in the car at all. 

Too much "oooh, and "ahhhh"...

I should have listened to myself when I had a feeling a need to carry a pair of sunglasses and a scarf. 

Wearing an abaya is actually 'refreshing'. 

These two...<3 td="">

I actually feeling like Harry Potter with my Invisibility Cloak.

It's blinding beauty is a must-see for every tourist...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dear Mom

Five years ago I went home around mid-March unexpectedly since my Annual leave was approved. I immediately took the earliest flight home to catch up with my family. A year before that I was in a deep mess. Suicidal, running away from home, hiding, and throwing away my future like a pack of gum. I was lost in love, or the idea of it. I was delusional, possesed  even . Until one day, I just had enough and I saw God lifting me up from my darkest hour. But it was too late, too late to even tell my Mom that she was right all along. By 2nd of May that same year, I took the earliest flight back to Manila to see her cold body waiting for me at the door.

Stubborn and impatient, she was my enemy all the time. Not allowing me go on dates without a chaperone even when I was already 23 that time. How embarrassed I was when my date saw my parents at the parking lot waiting for me to finish my drink. How she constantly nags me with the clothes I wear, and how I can be better with my academics even when I was already killing-myself try to be the Best in my Class all the time.  I just see her as this annoying shadow always following me everywhere I go and a  microscope highlighting my imperfections all the time. Only later I realized that's how much she loved me. Like a precious jewel she wanted to protect from this corrupted world. I thought she wanted me to grow old all alone and just work, work, work, work, work.

And then she's gone. Only when I realized that her tough love is the only way  she knows how to show love. And like any other Mom she wanted nothing but the best for me.

My dad prepared everything. He cooked his favorite soup, ordered his favorite cassava cake and labored all day for their friends to come. Even paid someone to clean our house twice in one week. Deep down I know the wounds are still fresh. His loneliness and longing for her is always like the first day she was gone. I don't know how he makes it every day . But only a few people came. The house was a bit empty and the food overflowing. Where were her friends now? Is it going to be like that once we're gone?  In a few years, nobody will remember. Nobody will care. You're lost in oblivion. But even when everyone forgets, I will always remember. I will always love her. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello May!

 Please be good to me...
So many things to get done this month.

We are looking for a new apartment since we decided to not renew. The hubby wants us to live near the beach, which is of course a fabulous idea but still there's  a lot of things to consider. 

We are driving back to Abu Dhabi to get Sasha's passport and maybe be a tourist for a day. It's been so long since I visit any tourist spot in Auh. 

My brother might be coming this month or the next, so we have to get the apartment ready or the move ready before he comes.

Still very occupied finding the RIGHT job for my new role as a mom. As much as I want to just dive to whatever comes along, it's much wiser to list down pros and cons in each and every opportunity before committing. I know God has something GREAT in store for me without me leaving my precious boys alone all the time. 

I am currenlty on a hunt for a new beauty regimen. I learned that it's better to mix things up a bit from time to time to maximize its efficacy when it comes to skincare. I want try and see what really works. I am ditching my old eye cream and anti-ageing cream for the next best one. Any recommendations? I am thinking to try some new Korean products and Nuxe and Luminance. 

Reading: I am setting a goal to finish at least 20-25 wealth strategies this month and finish the whole book of John.

And yes, finish at least one book for toddlers. 
And yes, my Russian studies. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Series Addict

Now that Game of Thrones is baaaaaaaack,  I cant help but feel excited for the line of Series that we are going to binge over the next couple of months. Yey!!!!!!! Hah!  It's really a struggle to watch when the baby is awake, so the hubby and I work together in harmony to put him to bed early in order to watch uninterrupted Series-binge with our home-made pizza and bottomless pit of green tea. 
So what are you most excited about this new season?